As a Social Enterprise, our mission statement captures two critical aspects: creation of wealth for investors and the development of people. In our business, social investment is not a 'side business' but is the business. Through the JM BUSHA Social Investment Programme (SIP), we provide bursaries for deserving students; provide adult continuing education and training; help create jobs through co-operative projects; and build health care systems for communities where we operate.

Our education programme provides bursaries yearly.  

Testimonials: JM BUSHA Alumni

Gregory Makama

student Bursary 1

My first interaction with JM BUSHA Investment Group was through a startup called Student Investor. At the time I was working with the founders of the startup when JM BUSHA invested into the company. 

The opportunity that was given to me was a bursary and I spent most of my holidays during my varsity years working and learning the ropes of asset management.

This opportunity helped me go through varsity and refine my choices in what I wanted to do in the financial services sector.

Why JM BUSHA: It is Pan African focused and understood what impact investing was before impact investing became a buzz word.
My daily life - I am a financial steward and I provide my clients peace of mind with regards to their personal finances.

Thank you JM BUSHA Investment Group for this opportunity.

Chiratidzo Edwards Nyamutsika

Student Bursary 2

I am an ambassador for the JM BUSHA 54 initiative. An economist and a law student. I met Mr Busha through a friend back in 2013 and I was fascinated by his peace gospel in a country that was very polarized and recovering from serious political violence. 

As a beneficiary of the JM BUSHA scholarship which I got on the basis that I would study Law and specialize in conflict resolution and mediation among nations. It was natural for me to join the JM BUSHA 54 Peace Initiative. 

Being part of this initiative has helped me impact positively in spheres where I couldn't have reached on my own. JM BUSHA 54 is an initiative that I would urge the youth to join for it shuns one of the most fundamental causes of instability in our continent, "VIOLENCE".

Since signing up as an ambassador, I have tried to engage in at least one community engagement program (weekly) that promotes peace and harmony in communities.

Thank you JM BUSHA Investment Group.

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