From as little as R100 a month, get a Cash Back benefit of up to R10 000 for expenses such as groceries, schoolfees and more.

You Decide.



InvestedLifeTM is a life insurance policy designed for individuals and core family - main member, spouse and up to six(6) children under the age of 21.

The cover pays an annual cash income[Cash-Back] and two(2) guaranteed once-off amounts for death burial costs and other family immediate expenses. 

InvestedLifeTM Benefits 

Annual Cash-Back. 10% of annual contributions paid every December as an income.

Burial Assist Cash. Up to R30 000 is paid on principal member's death with reduced amounts for family member's death.

Compassionate Benefit. R10 000 is paid on death of principal member to help family adjust and pay scheduled and unscheduled immediate expenses. This is a Lumpsum benefit that can be used to cover expenses which may include  education, after funeral expenses and more. It's up to you.

Child Cover. Up to 6 (six) children under the age of 21 are covered for an additional R10 contribution per child.

We Speak your language. We understand you. We believe in life. 

Invest from R100 a month and enjoy a secured life.