Our comprehensive cover gives you everything you need to insure your life and your loved ones.


JM BUSHA Life, a subsidiary of JM BUSHA Investment Group, is an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 45776.

Life is priceless. You only have one life, live it. cherish it. Life is a journey with ups, downs and a few life-changing obstacles along the way. Thus, life must be risk-managed - and long-term insurance products are risk management tools.

By offering a wide range of group long-term insurance products such as life, disability, burial and critical illnesses costs assistance - we remove the burden of financial obligations from individuals and families. In our structured financial risks solutions, small groups of people enjoy the cost and underwriting benefits usually reserved for large groups.

Through our group risk products, individuals (members) contribute to a fund that will be used to assist the members' families pay for certain financial obligations when needed.

JM BUSHA Life offers a comprehensive insurance policy. We offer funeral cover, accidental cover, permanent disability and other critical illnesses. 

No matter how big, or how small, we have life and funeral plans suitable for your everyone.

Life is priceless. You only have one life, live it. cherish it. 

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