About JM BUSHA Investment Group

JM BUSHA Investment Group (Pty) Ltd is a social enterprise focusing on solution-driven, long-term insurance; financial risk management solutions and a general financial advisory services group of companies. JM BUSHA was established in July 2000 in South Africa - initially focusing on derivatives trading, structured investment products and quantitative investment research.

In 2001, the activities were extended to include institutional active asset management, investment banking, financial advisory services, risk advisory services, treasury restructuring, debt origination, securitization and structured finance. In October 2006, JM BUSHA launched its first retail unitized investment product to cater for individual clients, and in 2015, introduced long-term insurance business through its wholly-owned subsidiary, JM BUSHA LIFE.

JM BUSHA Investment Group (Pty) Ltd has offices in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Investment Philosophy:

We believe investment management is a return maximisation and risk-minimisation process.

As such, our investment process entails conducting thorough quantitative analysis of the key return drivers of the securities included in our portfolios. Each security or investment opportunity in the universe goes through screening and ranking processes before its inclusion in a portfolio.

To maximise returns, we employ quantifiable return enhancement and tactical asset allocation strategies.

In the end, we believe investment objectives determine the investment portfolio strategy and the selection of portfolio constituent assets or securities.

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